The Inspiration premium wine package system has been developed and validated by Aisapack from package design to delivery in carton of the final product.

Shelf-life, sensorial, food acceptance papers and general product integrity are confirmed.

A totally new assembly machine to manufacture the Inspiration is in operation. The machine includes an integrated package quality testing. Rigorous chemical and physical characteristics of this packaging system have been tested.

Fulfillment from filling to palletization and transportation has also been validated.

The Inspiration has been created and developed by Aisapack. This packaging system is based on a concept by Aisapack and
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FDA opinion letter

The Inspiration package has an opinion letter from a reputable US law firm frequently working with the FDA.
Under standard conditions the Inspiration bottle may be used for wine and considered to fully comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all applicable food additive regulations.