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One Year Shelf-life Achieved: tested by CREDO “University of Wine” France.

The Inspiration wine package 375ml in both aluminium barrier laminate (ABL) and plastic barrier laminate (PBL) structures coupled with wine screw caps utilizing saranex inserts has been benchmarked against 375ml glass wine bottles using synthetic closures. The Red wine tested from the Côte de Rhône was a typical blend of Grenache and Syrah. ISO triangular wine tasting using qualified oenologs was completed by the reputable Wine Institute, CREDO, France. The results showed no significant statistical taste difference between package types after 12 months. Similar positive analytical deductions were reached. The free SO2, CO2 levels and color intensity were tested and concluded to be non statistically different between the three package types after 12 months.

The Inspiration packaging filled with red wine has been proven by rigorous analytical and sensorial testing to ensure a 12 month shelf-life.