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Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of a 375ml glass bottle is 428 grams.
The carbon footprint of a heavier 375ml PET bottle is 277 grams
and the carbon footprint of a lighter 375ml PET bottle is 196 grams.
The carbon footprint of a 375ml PP/EVOH Inspiration pack is 78 grams.

The Inspiration pack has by far the lowest carbon footprint.
Inspiration: Improved environmental benefits for wine

Even if glass or PET bottles are 100% recycled the Inspiration is still a more environmentally friendly package. So the most important factor contributing to the Inspiration packs high environmental performance is the simple fact that it uses less energy and resources than other packages.

The manufacturing, transport and end-of-life impact:
The transportation of the filled bottles was assumed to be from the south of France to be sold in London UK (1880 km).
Environmental impact
Carbon footprint